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The infrastructures The cults and the pubblics buildings The residential buildings The Necropolis
Defensive walls Trade, business and entertainment Domus, insulae and houses Places of the funeral rites  

Servian Walls

Aurelian Walls

Esquiline Gate

Porta Maggiore

Forum Esquilinum

Volpato’s Workshop

Roman Aquarium

Fassi’s Ice Cream shop

Ambra Jovinelli Theatre

Piazza dei Cinquecento

Domus of SS. Sergio and Bacco

Piazza dei Cinquecento

Domus of Via Cavour

Domus of Via Graziosa

Small Baths of Via Ariosto

Domus of Junius Bassus

Domus of the Calender

Bernini’s House

Tomb of Eurysaces

Esquiline Necropolis

Hypogeum of the Aureli

Tombs of Via Statilia

Tombs of Via Labicana

Water supply Publics buildings Horti and luxurious homes  


Trophies of Marius

Nymphaeum of Via Ricasoli

Forum Esquilinum

Post Office building

Roman Aquarium

Auditorium of Maecenas

Horti Lamiani

Temple of Minerva Medica

Large Aristocratic Villas

  Sites of pagan cult    

Temple of Libitina

Compitum of San Martino ai Monti

  Sites of Christian cult    

Basilica of Santa Pudenziana

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

Church of Santa Prassede

Basilica of SS. Silvestro and Martino ai Monti

Church of Sant’Agata dei Goti

Church of Santa Bibiana

Church of San Pietro in Vincoli