Between the Esquiline and the Viminal: Stories from an Urban Context

The website dedicated to the Esquiline and Viminal hills focuses particularly on the transformations of this urban space over time. This allows us to see its continuous evolution in two ways, chronological and functional: we can thus follow the many stories unfolding in these two districts in the heart of Rome’s historic centre, with its people, places and events, in a chronological account going from the origins of Rome to the present. Alternatively, we can track the monumental features that characterize its landscape: houses and horti, burials and places of worship, but also its streets, walls and aqueducts. When navigating the contents, possible also starting from individual sites, the map will always remain visible to ensure constant reference to its topographical context.

We have a large number of historic maps representing now lost fragments of this area of the city and of photographs that, in the early decades following the Unification of Italy, immortalized the transformation of the city that had recently become the Italian capital.

A separate section, to be constantly updated, will form a “window” through which virtual visitors can see the latest novelties emerging from ongoing excavations.